there might be another way: sexuality, spirituality, mothering, feminism, environmentalism


My pinterests speak volumes. I’ll let my poetry speak for itself. This was my first poem, as well as my first published poem (on Inga Muscio’s website, author of Cunt: A Declaration of Independence!):

I am a white witch of the highest order
My words unweave spells that cast my sex as secondary

I am a Black Madonna stepping out of the shadows
Birthing the Divine Feminine
My darkness illuminates

This cunt reclaims the holy yoni
Our passageway to life
To light

I’m a holy whore, pre-patriarchal priestess of ancient lore
My body embodies tenderness
Makes sex sacred

I’m a hag wisened by my years
I’ll nag you back to your senses
Eat your ignorance alive

This is one bitch who proudly runs with the wolves
My instincts keen
Wild side intact

In my past, present, future resides the triple Goddess
A Holy Trinity to bring you to your knees


Now, if only I could read your mind...

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